There Was a Problem Parsing the Package Error on Android

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There Was a Problem Parsing the Package is the key concern that to be resolved especially when you are using the android phone nowadays. Those were the days when people use to use traditional phones where they only were doing the task of calling, playing FM, playing small games, setting ringtone, using a calculator and that’s it.

But that is not now right? The scenario has changed and has made your phone smart to perform multitasking at the same time.

While you are here in search of getting a possible firm yet a quick solution for this issue, we assure you of the best solution that too with the handholding step by step guide that you can easily find in the section given to you below.

Not only you are going to see the best 7 proven solutions below but at the same time, you are introduced to the reason behind it with the illustration so that you can try it on your own and can save some penny that you would have to give to a person who could do it for you.

It is no doubt that due to android technology, our life has been affected to an extreme level. Now you can find an application for every solution over the app play store and even every day new apps get listed on the play store changes the system.

But on the one hand, where these applications make our life easier and simple to solve many problems, on the other hand when you see it technically, you can notice many problems are evolving day by day as well and causing errors.

This was the recent case with me and while I wall installing an application on my mobile device, it was causing an error with a pop-up message ‘There was a problem parsing the package’ and where first I tried all the way out to ignore it, it was causing me more trouble.

I even tried my cunning mind and tried to install the application via a third-party application. I downloaded Kine master pro version unlock from the play store, but guess what, still the same message ‘there was a problem parsing the package’ continued irritating me.

Now I started cursing my phone and thought that it might be something to do with my LG G2. So, I did a bit of research over the internet, watched YouTube videos for solutions, and in addition to that hovered over various XDA developers and found that I was wrong, the problem was not with my phone but the app.

This doesn’t end here, there were many reasons behind this annoying message that appeared as a creepy walker on your screen and says hey ‘there was a problem parsing the package’

Sometimes the file we download is not compatible with the file with the OS version we are using. This is due to the reason that, coding of the app requires an advanced version of your operating system.

And this is the reason, the installer is not able to install the application which results in the message ‘there was a problem parsing the package’ and this was the case many times with me as well.

As I updated my version of OS this resorted. Not only that, but you can also resort to a similar issue by when installing a similar version of the app as your present OS



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