Bhoga Srinivasa-The Kautuka Bera

Nammalvar gives in one of his stanzas (3-4-4) a lovely portrayal of the feet of the Dhruva Bera which expresses that the feet of Tiruvengadamudayan has a figure addressing transmitting arms. This could address the Shadgunya Yantra Nammalvar’s melody was formed around two centuries sooner than the establishment of the Vanavalapperumal. The yantra of this sort would maybe address the six gunas of para and vyuha which are perceived by the Vaikhanasa Agama too.

The Bhoga Srinivasa gets abhisheka each day, joined by mantras, not at all like the Dhruva Bera to which abhishekam is performed exclusively on Fridays.At night this Deity is taken care of in paryankasana. During the day to day Ekanta seva this icon is put in a silver support in the Sayana mandapa and milk, and so forth, are proposed to this Lord to the backup of music and tunes made by the Tallapaka writers. Sandalwood glue is additionally concerned with Him consistently. One idiosyncrasy of this help in this sanctuary is that the Ekanta Seva is performed to the i,dol of Manavalapperumal for the entire months of the year, aside from one, viz., the Dhanurmasa, when the Ekanta Seva is finished for the Krishna icon.This icon was personally associated with the primary symbol of the Dhruva Murti through a silk line at the hour of establishment. A gold connection and a silk line is as yet joined to this icon when he is brought external the Sanctum Sanctorum for delegating the Dhruva Murti on bubbly events.

This icon was once initially called as Venkatatturaivar and represents the annoyance part of the Lord since he is additionally called Ugra Srinivasa. Aside from the Dhruva Sera, this is maybe the earliest symbol of the sanctuary and more likely than not this was utilized as the processional icon in the good ‘ol days. This is around 18″ high and stands on a-platform of about?” level. The chakra of this picture is in a somewhat named condition and could maybe be known as the prayoga chakra. Sridevi and Shudevi both as standing figures are likewise seen. The Tamil equivalent word Venkatatturaivar shows that He was the divinity of the sanctuary before Shoga Srinivasa was sanctified. There are currently three events of which Ugra Srinivasa alone figures viz., Uttana Ekadasi, Mukkoti Dvadasl and Dvadasaradhana. Legends have it that the beams of the sun shouldn’t contact this symbol, and assuming they do, it would carry boundless damage to the world.

Consistently after the morning Tomalaseva, a darbar called Koluvu is held in the Tirumamani mantapam when the Deity is brought and is situated in a silver seat with a gold umbrella above him. This symbol directs for the principal icon during this capability. Thus he is Koluvu Srinivasa. He is similar to the watchman divinity and administers the sanctuary family, and updates himself as often as possible with every one of the undertakings and incomes of the te01ple. The panchangam or the schedule of the day is additionally perused out before him consistently. It is additionally here that the matradanam of rice, the standard portion of the archakas, is made. However He is known as Bali Sera, he has never been known to have been taken out and offered Bali after the everyday puja is finished.

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