Eelam Tamil fishermen seek solution to fishing dispute from Tamil Nadu government 2022 ?

Eelam Tamil anglers kept in touch with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, M K Stalin looking for a “moderate” arrangement influencing the two Tamil angler networks on  one or the other side of the Palk Strait. the Eelam anglers purportedly kept in touch with the pastor prior this month laying out the difficulties they face, specifically the harm that Tamil Nadu anglers’ base fishing vessels were causing to their vocation.

As of late, anglers from the North-East have discussed Indian fishing vessels infringing on their fishing bigger boats which are known to harm the seabed and are fit for conveying a bigger catch, regularly depleting fishing saves hence making harder for Tamil anglers get a sizeable catch.


The base fishing vessels cause “giant harm” to more modest anglers’ nets in the ocean. To forestall any harm to their hardware, Tamil anglers abstain from going to the ocean, in this manner detrimentally affecting their occupation. These base fishing boats influence both the angler in Tamil Eelam and modest angler in Tamil Nadu.


The agents noticed that the\decrease in pay and rising was “compelling” the more youthful age “to leave fisheries”.

The anglers additionally featured the mischief it was causing to the connection between the two Tamil people, and the death toll because of the Sri Lankan Navy’s perilous arraignment techniques.


Eelam Tamil fishing networks have recently approached Sri Lankan specialists to carry out a regulation prohibiting fishing boats. Fishing was in 2017 through the Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Act, but the regulation has not been completely carried out.


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