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The page was shipped off in November 2004 by Garrett Gyssler and stayed aware of only by him until 2008.[5] At first, the site was called AnimeList, but Gyssler decided to combine possessive “My” around the beginning, following the style of the vitally relational association in those years: Myspace.[7]

MyAnime announced in April 2016 that they had embed episodes from Crunchyroll and Hulu directly onto the site, with more than 20,000 episodes being made available the site.[11]

In January 2017, MyAnimeList improved a foe of Nazi article made by a provider on the site to be even more great for Nazi without notice to the contributor.[12]

On 8, 2018, MyAnimeList opened an online manga store, in association with Kodansha Comics and Viz Media, allowing clients purchase manga cautiously from the webpage. The assistance at first shipped off in Canada anyway later stretched out to US, the Collected Domain, and a couple of other English-talking countries.[13]

MAL became far off for a couple of days in May and June 2018 when site staff took it disengaged for upkeep, refering to security and assurance concerns.[5][14] The site executives similarly debilitated the Programming connection point for untouchable applications, conveying them unusable.[5] moves were done with a ultimate objective to conform to the European Affiliation’s GDPR program.[5][14]

MyAnimeList was acquired by Media Do in January 2019; with their purchase, they detailed their objective to focus in on exhibiting computerized book arrangements to strengthen the site.[15][2]

On September 25, 2019, HIDIVE and MyAnimeList detailed an association which would incorporate MyAnimeList’s substance assessments into HIDIVE’s streaming stage, while exclusively outfitting MyAnimeList clients with an organized decision of embedded HIDIVE content for free.[16]

On February 18, 2021, MyAnimeList detailed Kodansha, Shueisha and Shogakukan have started placing assets into MAL.[17]

In October 2021, MyAnimeList collaborated with computerized book distributer Media Do to convey Grip hand of the North Star Manga Pieces: horrendously Like a Man, a movement of non-fungible token (NFT) things considering the Grasp hand of the North Star manga.[18]

MyAnime records anime (Japanese action), aeni (Korean energy), and donghua (Chinese development). Also, MyAnimeList has information manga (Japanese comics), manhwa (Korean comics), manhua (Chinese comics), as well as dōjinshi (fan comics) and light books. Clients records that they try to wrap up. Clients can submit studies, create ideas, web diaries, post in the site’s social occasion, make clubs to get with people of equivalent interests, and get involved with the RSS news channel of anime and manga related news. MAL furthermore starts incites for clients to complete their ‘lists.'[3]

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