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Rather than accept a negotiated settlement, Bauer is the first participant ever to mission his punishment. An arbitrator will now determine while Bauer might be nfl scores allowed to return to the field—and how much of the kind of $60 million the Dodgers nevertheless owe him will end up in his pocket. The listening to is about to begin May 23, someone familiar with the problem stated. MLB isn’t the only league carefully watching the outcome of Bauer’s arbitration hearing, or the requirements it’s going to set for off-the-field misconduct penalties shifting forward. In the approaching months, the NFL need to decide if—or how critically—it’ll punish considered one of its own biggest stars: Watson, the Cleveland Browns who acquired a giant settlement and become obtained from the Houston Texans after a grand jury in Texas said he wouldn’t be charged criminally.


The instances contain exclusive sets of troubling allegations with a few underlying similarities. They contain accusations of sexual misconduct against ladies. Neither guy has nflbite been charged criminally. Both have denied any wrongdoing. And in both times, the leagues were tasked to extrajudicially study the behavior of one in all their personnel who wasn’t punished by using the regulation. Bauer into accused of sexual assault by using a California girl, but after an research, prosecutors opted now not to report fees. He has stated that he had “consensual difficult sex” with the woman and that he did now not choke her with out her consent. Two different women, both in Ohio, have also stated he choked them throughout sex without their consent; Bauer’s denial has been the equal.


Watson faces 22 civil proceedings that allege various styles of sexual misconduct with rub down therapists. Two grand juries in Texas opted not to deliver fees in opposition to him nfl.bite in advance this 12 months. He has denied mistreating any girl. Commissioner Roger Goodell has stated investigators are nonetheless running the case and that the league is taking it severely. The home violence policy agreed to by means of MLB and the players’ union in 2015 was widely understood to be a reaction to outrage in football over Baltimore Ravens’ strolling returned Ray Rice’s attack on his then-fiancée, for which he initially acquired a two-recreation suspension.


Now it’s miles baseball the leading edge of the dialogue, as MLB’s suspension of Bauer may also now move the goalposts for the NFL. The two leagues every have their very own rules for administering non-public discipline, but traditionally they’ve regularly yielded similar consequences. Most suspensions final not nearly so long as Bauer’s.


The NFL’s private behavior policy says that violations, which includes for “sexual assault regarding bodily pressure,” should result in a suspension of six games whilst leaving a room for “tense or mitigating factors.” That has played out in the beyond with high-profile gamers, significantly Cowboys jogging again Ezekiel Elliott in 2017 who received a six-game ban that he unsuccessfully contested. MLB had doled out punishments in addition. Until closing yr, the longest suspension became for a hundred games. Most of the bans were for much less than half of of a season.

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