Nice photos of feet and legs 2022

Finally, feet are associated with old or young, or ugly women. To express that no is justified before one has finished, or to exhort those who lack perseverance, some African proverbs use the image of old women’s feet to comment critically on those who are full of enthusiasm in the beginning, but whose activities soon fizzle out. The Rundi say, for example: “Old women’s footsteps start firmly but don’t last”.  A woman who behaves as if her age does not count but who is unable to really manage is made fun of in a Frisian joke: “Skating makes thirsty,” said the old woman, and she stood with one foot on the ice”. One may wonder whether those who do tie their feet up could practice this as a method of anti-conception. And how would such a relation between tied feet and sterility have been found out about? Why would Quecha women have tied up their feet anyway? Was it for beauty’s sake, as in China? Such questions need to be answered by Quecha specialists. A small woman usually has small feet; both small women and small feet seem to be considered more attractive. In ancient China, many’s feet were bound from toe to heel, to make them more seductive. Larger female feet are not only literall regarded as a sexual turn-off but, when referred to in proverbs, they usually stand for something else. Metaphorically women’s small feet indicate “the right measure” in marital relationships. In general, women that look vulnerable seem to have more sex appeal to men than strong-looking females, as female vulnerability confirms the established gender hierarchy. The “right measure” presented in proverbs equates a relationship on an unequal footing. The Sena who live in Malawi and Mozambique warn against the danger of big female feet, in a proverb with several variants.

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