NOTICE TO Balloters OF CLARK Province, WISCONSIN in 2022

Pay heed the Leading body of Managers of Clark District, Wisconsin (“Clark Province”), at a gathering held at the Clark Region Town hall, 517 Court Road, Neillsville, Wisconsin, on May 19, 2022, embraced an underlying goal (the “Underlying Goal”) as per Segment 66.1103 of the Wisconsin Rules, as changed, communicating the expectation to issue not to surpass $240,000,000 of modern advancement income securities (the “Securities”) for Tussel 1, LLC, a Wisconsin restricted responsibility organization (the “Organization”), or potentially at least of its subsidiaries (counting, without limit, Bug Tussel Remote, LLC, Hilbert Correspondences, LLC and Cloud 1, LLC), to back a task comprising of the  procurement, development and establishment of specific broadcast communications foundation that incorporates, in addition to other things (I) obtaining of pinnacle destinations by buy or rent of land and furnishing such locales with pinnacles and gadgets to give broadband, fast cell, crisis interchanges and highlight point (P2P) information interchanges; (ii) building fiberoptic information transmission offices (link and hardware) between towers, key local area offices, organizations and private conglomeration focuses; (iii) where proper, associating individual premises into broadband organization including the expense of Shopper Reason Gear (CPE); (iv) installment of interest; (v) financing of an obligation administration save reserve; (vi) installment of undertaking costs situated in Clark Area in a sum not to surpass $18,000,000; and (vii) installment of expert charges (on the whole, the “Task”), which will all be to give remote web and correspondences administrations to organizations, legislative units and occupants of country networks. The Organization has addressed that the net number of full-time identical positions which will be made in Clark Area is 2.

In accordance with the terms of Segment 66.1103 of the Wisconsin Rules, all necessities that the Task be dependent upon contracting prerequisites contained in Area 66.1103 are postponed, the Organization having addressed that it can arrange acceptable courses of action for finishing the Venture and that Clark Province’s inclinations are not biased consequently.

THE BONDS Won’t ever Comprise AN Obligation OF CLARK Province, NOR Will THE BONDS Lead to ANY Financial Risk OF CLARK District, NOR Will THE BONDS BE A CHARGE AGAINST THE GENERAL CREDIT OR Burdening POWERS OF CLARK Region. RATHER, THE BONDS Will BE PAYABLE Exclusively FROM THE Incomes AND Different Sums TO BE Inferred Compliant THE Income Understanding Connecting with Expressed Venture TO BE Placed INTO BETWEEN THE Responsible OR Giving Regions AND THE Organization.

The Underlying Goal might be reviewed in the workplace of the Clark Region Assistant at 517 Court Road, Neillsville, Wisconsin, during business hours.

TAKE FURTHER Notification THAT THE Voters OF CLARK Region Might Request of FOR A Mandate ON THE Topic OF THE BOND ISSUE. Except if inside thirty (30) days from the date of the distribution of Notice a request endorsed by at least five percent (5%) of the enlisted balloters of the Clark Region is documented with the Province Representative mentioning a mandate on the subject of the issuance of the Bonds, the Responsible District will give the Bonds without presenting the suggestion for the voters’ endorsement. On the off chance that such request is recorded as previously mentioned, the Bonds will not be given until endorsed by a greater part of the balloters of Clark Province casting a ballot subsequently at a general or unique political race.

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