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The Azodin Kaos 2 is an great mechanical semi-automated blowback marker in a tiny package deal (actually) and may typically be had for below $a hundred, occasionally a great deal less than $100. It’s our top select for weapons inside the double-digit charge variety. This marker has features and aftermarket components that you could count on from a marker 3 or four instances the rate.


The Kaos 2 is lightweight but durable and frequently metallic construction. The stock barrel is robust and makes an exquisite “ping pew” sound while capturing it (it’s a bit loud, and might give away your role, but I can’t help it: I love that capturing sound!). It is available in pretty much every metal shade, it looks as if an expensive, digital gun, it’s smooth to smooth and keep, and if will make a top notch backup gun need to you make a decision to upgrade.

The Azodin Kaos 2 is an excellent mechanical semi-computerized blowback marker in a tiny package (actually) and might commonly be had for under $a hundred, now and again a good deal less than $one hundred. It’s our top choose for weapons within the double-digit rate range. This marker has features and aftermarket parts which you might assume from a marker 3 or 4 times the price.


The Kaos 2 is lightweight yet long lasting and frequently metal production. The inventory barrel is robust and makes an extremely good “ping pew” sound when capturing it (it’s a bit loud, and might supply away your position, but I can’t help it: I love that shooting sound!). It is available in just about each steel color, it looks as if an steeply-priced, electronic gun, it’s clean to clean and maintain, and if will make a superb backup gun must you decide to improve.


Let’s take a look at some of the greater pricey capabilities which you might find in a greater high priced gun: double detents, 12-inch autococker threaded barrel, twistlock feed mechanism, and runs on both CO2 and HPA gas.


The one viable disadvantage:  the Kaos, as with every other gun at its pricepoint, has been known to chop the bizarre paintball. But you’d must be naive to expect that a gun at this rate won’t on occasion chop paint.


The Gog eNMEy is palms down our select for the exceptional low-finances paintball gun in the marketplace, for both users and competitive gamers. It can run accurately on either a everyday CO2 or an HPA compressed air setup, and it’s air efficient with CO2 which makes it but some other reason why it’s the satisfactory paintball gun for the price range. If you’re an experienced and competitive player on a price range, it’s possibly additionally your fine choice for a backup paintball marker.


The list of reasons why this gun is by using a long way the first-rate at its rate is tremendous. The GoG eNMEy functions a true pneumatic, spool valve design (the handiest spool valve marker in its charge variety, everything else in its rate range is a blowback), runs at a low one hundred sixty psi stress, shoots continuously, safely, and smoothly, and is quiet with little to no flinch. It can take a beating from new gamers or gamers who don’t positioned plenty of time into cleaning and retaining their marker. It’s also light-weight, routinely simple, small, and possibly first-rate of all, features an entire life guarantee from GoG.


The GoG eNMEy market opponents cockers and mechanical markers and guns at double the fee, and thanks to its spool valve design, can shoot excessive exceptional paint, which doubly makes this paintball gun even greater accurate and smooth. It is ready to exit of the box and there’s now not even lots of improvements you could deploy on it that could make it carry out better than it’s far, except for maybe a brand new barrel, because the stock one is set 10 inches and has a pretty huge diameter internal barrel. However, you virtually shouldn’t see many, if any, troubles with the stock barrel, except for the occasional double pull.


The Tippmann 98 Custom became the first paintball gun I purchased once I began gambling in 2001, and there’s a purpose it’s nevertheless and depended on as one of the satisfactory amateur paintball guns in the marketplace. It’s been around for over two decades, and Tippmann is still the maximum straightforward logo for access-level paintball markers on the market.


The Tippmann ninety eight Custom will run on either CO2 or HPA (compressed air). It has an accurate shot, the cause feels properly in your arms, and it shoots nearly in addition to 4-determine paintball guns. It shoots up to eight shots in step with second, it’s air-efficient (also proper to your finances), is without problems to take aside and clean, and it’s genuinely the maximum long lasting market in the marketplace, which means that it can take a beating each internally and externally. You can throw it in the dust, drop it at the ground, kick it; hell, I wouldn’t be amazed in case you ran it over with a vehicle and it still worked like new.

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