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Will that be money or credit? Heft your cash around in style. Dismal style! Our Coffin molded wallet  is the ideal resting place for your well  deserved dollar. Presently accessible with clear ID  space with a card opening behind and 3 card spaces on the opposite side, this Coffin wallet  holds up to 12 cards! Likewise accompanies a side pocket for cash, pictures, business cards from there,  the sky is the limit . Fake cowhide is utilized outwardly .We are devoted to bringing you gothic style items which are made at the greatest and a fair cost for regular use. We love our Morbid Bound items and are sure you will as well.

On the off chance that you convey a wallet in your jeans, think about a thin wallet (either bifold or card holder)  over a more  conventional thick one. A thin wallet makes your  outline look less  knotty and cumbersome, notwithstanding in the event that you wrap it up your front pocket or back pocket. Commonly,  these thin wallets are showcased as wallets for men (non-thin wallets are ordinarily “ladies’ wallets” that are bigger  and have a coin pocket  that gives them additional mass), however anybody can utilize them. In the event that you convey eight cards or less, in addition to some money, and might want to accommodate  your wallet in a pocket as opposed to a fanny pack, a courier sack, or a satchel, attempt one of these.

Why it’s perfect:  The Leatherology Thin Bifold  Wallet is the non-romantic ideal of the calfskin wallet. It has no contrivances  like in fact progressed  materials or imaginative pockets  — it’s essentially what more established ages could imagine when they hear “thin cowhide wallet.” It has a position of safety   (somewhat less than ¾  inch when loaded up with six cards), it’s made of very flexible full-grain  calfskin (which has been handled less and is better than less expensive, revised grain calfskins), and it’s without any logos  past the debossed Leatherology name on the inside.

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