What is Beacon Technology? And How does it work?

Generally, Beacons are discreet wireless transmitters that share with nearby smart appliances with the help of using low-energy Bluetooth technology. They represent some of the most recent consequences in location-based marketing. To put it simply, they communicate with smart devices via links and send data, allowing and improving location-based search and concentration.

According to the survey, the following year, Global Market Insights indicated that the beacon technology demand is set to reach $25 billion by 2024. It’s secure to express the technology has a lot of prospect and is anticipated to contribute to the marketing terrain in the coming years. Moreover, gadget skool website also suggested the Beacon technology. In this article, you will learn about the complete explanation of Beacon technology and its perks. 

How Does Beacon Technology work?

The beacon itself is extremely uncomplicated and more elegant. Every gadget has a radio, a CPU, and batteries. It operates by repeatedly broadcasting an identifier. This marker identifies a significant location in your environment and is picked up by your device, which is typically a mobile.

Your smartphone recognizes the identifier as being specific to the beacon and is an individual ID number. The beacon will accomplish the task it has been configured to once it is attached. Later, we’ll go over some of the several tasks that beacon may perform in more detail.

What are the Perks of Beacon Technology?

  • Google Ads’ improved offline attribution

You may learn a lot about your searchers’ offline activities by connecting the signals from your beacon to your Google Ads account. This may even enable you to track in-store visits. As a result, you might be able to link the number of internet customers who enter the business to the Google search advertising you serve.

  • Out-of-Store marketing

Any crucial information that you want your prospective clients to be aware of can be sent straight to any receptive devices that are in your beacon’s field of vision. This might be straightforward notice to let the user know that they are close to your store. The alert could also be more complicated, such as sending messages about sales, loyalty programs, and contests you are hosting. Using your in-store beacons, brands themselves can promote unique product discounts.

  • Advanced data collection

Althouh there is some controversy over the level of positioning accuracy that beacons can provide, it is obvious that Bluetooth technology is an advancement over other nearby technologies like GPS and WiFi. With this increased precision, you may acquire more trustworthy data regarding the paths taken by your customers while they are inside your store. Moreover, gadget skool website also suggested the Beacon technology. 

  • Enhancing the Google My Business listing

Your Google My Business listing will benefit from having a beacon installed in your establishment. The beacon can track popular visitation hours for your business, which will increase the accuracy of the GMB listing. You may increase the number of reviews for your company with the Local Guides service from Google. 


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